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Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are quite popular, with more than 10 million riders out on the road. However, automobile accidents happen and motorcycle riders are especially susceptible to severe injury or death when they’re involved. Let’s discuss some facts about motorcycle accidents, how to protect and how a personal injury attorney can help if you’re in one. 

1. 50% of Motorcycle vs. Vehicle Accidents Happen at Intersections

Intersections are exceptionally dangerous due to limited vision caused by buildings, parked cars and trees and plants. These obstructions mean you could totally miss an approaching vehicle and pull out into its path believing it was all clear. Double checking your surroundings and approaching slowly can help you to spot any oncoming vehicles. Always stay on guard at intersections and be ready to react quickly if a careless motorist doesn’t take note of you. 

2. A Motorcyclist is 26 Times More Likely to Die in an Accident

Yes, anybody can die in a car or motorcycle accident. Nothing is ever completely safe. However, looking at the deaths per mile traveled, the death rate for people riding motorcycles was more than 26 times higher than that of people in other vehicles. This isn’t surprising given the lack of protection from a motorcycle, resulting in far more serious injuries when an accident occurs. Ways to lower this risk include taking a motorcycle training course, always wearing a helmet and practicing extra caution while riding. 

3. 50 Percent of Single-Vehicle Fatalities Involve Alcohol

This should go without saying, but not drinking and riding is a great way to avoid an accident. When you don’t drink and drive, you reduce the possibility of a single-vehicle crash by 50%. However, there will be others on the road who are intoxicated, so the danger is never fully removed. Sober drivers do have much quicker reflexes and are able to swerve much better than a drunk person. If you get injured while drunk, it’s probable that a jury will find you responsible for the accident, which reduces your compensation to nothing.  

4. A Helmet Lowers Your Chances of Dying Significantly

In Vermont, helmets are required by law for everyone on the motorcycle. That doesn’t mean everyone adheres to this, however. The facts are that when helmets are worn while riding a motorcycle, they’re 37% effective at preventing deaths and are 67 percent effective at preventing traumatic brain injuries. Wearing a helmet should always be your number one priority. Don’t worry about a helmet limiting your vision; studies have shown that helmets only reduce your peripheral vision by about 3%. 

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may qualify for compensation. If a loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, you too may qualify for compensation. Every situation is unique, so scheduling a time to meet up with one of our expert personal injury attorneys as soon as possible is important. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.