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The Best Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Representation in Caledonia County

Serious injuries take a serious toll on lives, and impacts every facet. Emotionally, financially, and physically, you’re under duress and may not quite know what the next step is. Perhaps you’ve been exposed to a toxic chemical while at work, or maybe you collided with an intoxicated driver. No matter your circumstances, we are committed to providing the best level of representation for all of our clients. You deserve to receive fair compensation that allows you to move forward in life.

With 20-plus years of legal experience, Kalter, Kalter & Mabey knows exactly what is required to secure the settlement you’re owed. Whether you’ve been injured by a falling piece of wood at work or in a slip and fall at a restaurant, we’re experts in all things workers’ compensation and personal injury. While it may not be your initial inclination to reach out to an attorney when you’ve been injured, it’s extremely important to reach out to a St. Johnsbury, Vermont attorney immediately to find out if you may have a case. Time is of the essence if you’re going to seek financial restitution, so contact us today. 

Dealing With Insurance Companies Can Be Tedious

It can be surprising to victims when they encounter the opposing party’s insurance company complicating things. Unfortunately, insurance companies are in it for the profits, don’t care about your suffering, and will do everything possible to give you a lower settlement than you’re owed. It takes skilled professionals to handle these predatory insurance companies, and you do not need the additional strife they cause. If you’re surviving the aftermath of a personal injury incident or workers’ compensation claim, let our team of Caledonia County expert attorneys handle it for you. 

Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you’ve had a workplace injury or are suffering from a job-related illness, oftentimes, claiming workers’ compensation benefits is the only way to be certain your resulting medical expenses get covered. For the strongest possibility of collecting on what you’re owed for your injury or illness, it’s imperative to have an experienced St. Johnsbury, Vermont workers’ compensation attorney fighting for you. Workers’ Comp typically covers:

  • Medical bills
  • Financial coverage for missed work
  • A payout for permanent injuries incurred
  • Assistance in finding new employment
  • Payout of benefits to family members if death has occurred

Along with simplistic workers’ compensation claims, Kalter, Kalter & Mabey have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to assisting people with collecting workers’ compensation claims while also receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

Personal Injury Claims

With personal injury claims, we’re skilled and knowledgeable in every possible ruse the insurance companies will try. They will do everything possible to avoid having to payout, will attempt to shift blame, and nobody on the opposing side is trustworthy. We will be here to shield you from this and get you the best settlement possible. Our team of top personal injury attorneys in Caledonia County will help get you back on track and fight for your rights. Some of the of personal injuries we cover are:

Contact us today to find out if you have a personal injury claim worth pursuing.

Experienced Attorneys on Your Side

Considering your circumstances, you require the best Caledonia County personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys around to fight for you tirelessly. Without strong, determined legal counsel, you’re at risk of being exploited by the insurance companies and/or your employers, and that simply will not do. Contact the top personal injury attorneys at Kalter, Kalter & Mabey in St. Johnsbury as soon as possible.

We will work hard day and night to get the benefits and/or settlement you deserve. This could mean hours of negotiation with your employer’s insurance company, or it may result in taking a personal injury claim all the way to court. No matter what it takes, we are fully committed to securing the best possible outcome in your case. You can feel confident knowing the best lawyers in Vermont are helping you get the settlements you are owed.