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Vermont Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

When you’ve suffered a job-related injury or illness, claiming workers’ compensation benefits are typically the only way to ensure your medical expenses are covered. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies often make it extremely difficult for injured workers to collect the benefits they’re entitled to. In order to be sure you have the strongest chance to collect maximum benefits for your injury or illness, it’s imperative that you have an experienced Vermont workers’ compensation & personal injury attorney fighting on your side.

Generally, workers’ compensation laws require workers’ comp to:

  • Pay your medical bills
  • Pay you a weekly check for your time out of work
  • Pay you for permanent injury you have suffered
  • Assist you in finding other employment if you can’t return to your former job

Workers’ comp will also pay benefits to families of people who die in workplace accidents, or from illness or injuries caused by their job.

We Can Help You Navigate the Complex World of Workers’ Compensation

The legal issues can be complex and we have years of experience advocating for injured workers and dealing with workers’ compensation insurance companies and their lawyers. We know the defenses that they will raise such as denying that you were hurt at work or that you have a pre-existing condition. Our top Vermont workers’ compensation attorneys also know what to do when your weekly workers’ compensation checks are late or the medical treatment you need is denied.

Experienced Vermont Workers’ Compensation Attorneys on Your Side

We will work quickly, tirelessly, and aggressively to secure the benefits you deserve. This could include negotiating a settlement with the employer’s insurance company, or it could mean taking the claim all the way to court. No matter what it takes, we will work nonstop to be sure you are satisfied with the outcome of your case because we know how stressful it is to be hurt on the job. You can feel good knowing the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Vermont are helping you get the benefits you are due.